David joins staff at UT Law School

The University of Texas School of Law (c. 1960’s)

This semester David Gonzalez is honored to be teaching a Trial Advocacy class to second year law students at the University of Texas in Austin.

Course Description:
Advocacy Survey and Basic Litigation Skills is designed for beginning advocacy students who are interested in exploring all areas of litigation.  Although the primary focus of the class is learning how to develop basic trial skills; the course will cover topics such as the art and theory of persuasion, motion practice, mediation, arbitration, voir dire, and courtroom technology.  This class is for all law students, not just those who intend to become litigators.

David has confessed that before accepting his admission to Stanford Law, he was torn as to whether he would pursue the path of education or law.  From high school debate club to educational presentations in his community, David has always chosen to fill his spare time with speaking engagements.  He is thoroughly enjoying this venture and is geared up to teach the same class next fall and the following spring. As to whether today’s class of law students is finding his fast paced method of orating in-sync with a visual presentation intermixed with movie clips effective…. the jury is still out.

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