When the only response is to point and laugh.

Sarcasm is the drug of choice of the Internet, and it’s beloved by vaguely immature bloggers like myself. Usually, more grown-up bloggers like Scott Henson at Grits For Breakfast tend to eschew the stuff in favor of “facts” and “well-sourced opinions” and “probing questions”, however, and that’s cool, too. It’s a big Internet, and there’s […]

Jailbreaking an iPhone and copying a DVD: Now not illegal.

While it’s never come to a criminal case in this country (to the best of my knowledge), jailbreaking your iPhone and copying a DVD for personal use have long been stigmatized as illegal, under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. And typically, when something’s been illegal, it doesn’t become more legal later – especially when powerful […]

Peeing on Judge Judy’s leg and telling her it’s raining.

While I’ve been out of town this past week, I’ve had the opportunity to do two things I don’t often get to enjoy: Watch daytime television (hence the subject line) and talk to people from rural parts of Texas. I made a new friend, kind of – this 21 year old ex-Marine from East Texas […]

I don’t need the drug class. But are they going to drug test me?

Working with teenagers is always a great source for learning experiences. This is especially true in the criminal and juvenile justice system where many of them had a few years of successfully hiding risky behavior¬†before being caught for the first time. ¬†Nowhere is this more prevalent than college kids who have been busted for smoking […]