Cathy Vinciguerra, Office Manager

Cathy Vinciguerra

Office Manager

Phone: (512) 381-9955

Fax: (512) 381-9955


Cathy Vinciguerra is the office manager at Sumpter & Gonzalez for a reason.

While many of us spend our evenings doom-scrolling and binging Netflix shows, Cathy cranks through a book a night -- while on her elliptical -- after she has taken the dogs for a run. She's fluent in finance and politics, has a strong opinion about who will win the Premier League and the 149 lb. weight class next year, and is a force-to-be-reckoned-with on a wedding dance floor.

Cathy does nothing halfway.

She retired from an impressive career as a trader on Wall Street to raise her two children in Texas. (Cathy claims the title “Soccer Mom” as proudly as she claims being the only woman at the trading desk in Sydney, Australia, and she was a force of nature in both roles.) She spent half her childhood in Japan, has ridden countless subways in NYC (stroller-and-all), and has embraced Texas just enough to only occasionally remind you of her East Coast Swag. She can relate to almost anyone, cares about everyone, and can juggle anything and everything.

Cathy joined our team to be the first point of contact for our clients and keep the entire team running at full efficiency. Sharp and intuitive, Cathy works hand-in-hand with all of our attorneys and staff to ensure that every client’s story is told to the fullest. Driven by the importance of quality legal representation for all individuals, Cathy works hard to find solutions for every single person who contacts the firm.

When you hire Sumpter and Gonzalez, you’re not just hiring an attorney — you’re hiring an entire team.
  • Barnard College at Columbia University (B.A. in Political Economy, 1987)