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Hours: Monday-Friday 9AM – 5PM

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Sumpter & González L.L.P.
1100 B Guadalupe St.
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What To Expect

You talk. We listen.

When you call our office for the first time, you will be greeted by Cathy Vinciguerra. Having managed our Firm for several years, Cathy plays the important role of legal emergency triage: she will ask questions to determine immediacy, deadlines, and risk. She is very, very good at what she does.

As a member of the legal team, all communication with Cathy is confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege. As a result, the first topic Cathy will ask about will be the names of other parties involved in the situation to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

We know that this may be the most stressful event in your life right now. We try to schedule our initial meeting as quickly as possible so that we can begin investigation as close in time to the events as possible. Given the situation, Cathy will ask you for information to make sure that the attorney you speak with is the best match for your situation, even if it is not the lawyer who you were referred.

Questions to Expect

Every situation is different.

Because Cathy has interviewed thousands of people over the years, expect to be asked fact-specific questions about your legal situation.

Generally, you can anticipate questions such as:

  • Most of our clients are referrals from lawyers. Who referred you to our office? What is your relationship with that lawyer? How much have you explained to them? Would you want us to speak with them first to get an understanding of the case?
  • Sometimes legal cases involve multiple persons. I want to make sure that we haven’t already spoken with somebody else that may preclude us from working with you. Does this situation involve anybody else? Who does the dispute involve? What are the names of essential witnesses in the case?
  • Have you been represented by any other lawyer in this matter? Are you seeking a Second Legal Opinion?
  • Some people are highly sophisticated consumers of legal services; others have never been in this situation before and want as much information as possible. How much detail and explanation do you want so that we are giving you what you need right now?
  • Have you personally been involved in civil litigation or the criminal justice system before? In what capacity?
  • What is your biggest concern/anxiety about this matter that we would need to address first?
  • What is the most important fact or detail about your case that we should know in order to give you accurate legal advice?

Getting Here and Parking

  • What is the closest major intersection nearest to your office?
    We’re a few blocks south of 38th and Lamar. There are several nondescript office buildings near 31st and Lamar.
  • Which one is yours?
    The most nondescript of the nondescript office buildings.You won’t find an exterior sign, but you’ll know you’re in the right place when you see our logo on the main doors.
  • Is parking available?
    Yes. Look for the reserved spots for Sumpter & Gonzalez.

Consultation Policy

Our consultation fees depend upon the advice – and the urgency of the advice needed. While each situation is different, the general rule is that questions that begin with, “What should I do…” is a consultation for purposes of seeking legal advice. Full legal representation may be unnecessary, and a single consultation for a fixed fee will often suffice. Federal white collar cases, criminal investigations, protective orders, and Second Legal Opinions also fall in this category.When interviewing lawyers when you have a known scope and objective – such as seeking representation in a plaintiff’s case or in civil or criminal defense – it is more akin to interviewing a primary care physician. The purpose of the consultation is a joint interview: the potential client interviewing the lawyer for knowledge and skill and integrity, and the lawyer interviewing the client for goodness-of-fit. The time preparing for the consultation and the work performed during the meeting are only billable if you choose to retain the Firm.You will never be sent a bill for calling Cathy to ask questions, so when in doubt, she is the best point of contact about consultations.


An elevator is located at the third entrance to our building. In circumstances where further accommodations are needed, we can meet offsite with clients. Please contact Cathy to discuss arrangements.