Don’t all four year olds knock around with the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court?

While on the topic of Supreme Court Justices, I get to tell the best story of our recent law school reunion. Corinne and I met in law school, keep in pretty good touch with many of our friends from law school, and since her family is in California, we find any excuse to find ourselves […]

Mark Bennett’s rules for dealing with crazy.

Here’s something to take with you over the weekend – Houston criminal attorney Mark Bennett has thoughtfully posted a top-ten list of how to deal with people with borderline personality disorder, which can be relevant in this field for all sorts of reasons. I won’t steal the whole list – and every item on it […]

From the mailbag: Is it legal to videotape the police?

We got an email from a friend-of-the-blog yesterday asking about the legality of videotaping police officers, probably based on the case in Maryland where this video came from: If you’ve got 3:37 to spare, watch the whole video – it’s a thrilling opportunity to get a first-person view of what great fun it must be […]

Injustice and the difference between us and the police.

I wrote about cop blogs last week, and how I enjoy the opportunity to look at the world through the lens of a police officer for a couple of minutes each morning. It’s productive and insightful and, at its best, reminds us that so many of our goals and objectives are the same, despite the […]

The fallibility of Google Maps and Reviews.

Google Maps offers reviews of local businesses, which is awesome for the most part, except when you end up with blatantly fake reviews written by disgruntled former employees posing as clients, claiming you sent mafia-style “social workers” ’round to collect extortion payments. (Which currently exist on our listing, so if you found us via Google […]

“A 20 percent drop in conviction rates since 2005”

That subject line up there is cited as one of the new problems cited by the Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee, regarding DWI in the state. Houston DWI attorney Paul Kennedy has a smart post about it on his blog, and it’s revealing to me something about “tough on crime” and unintended consequences. Basically, the […]