Mark Bennett’s rules for dealing with crazy.

Here’s something to take with you over the weekend – Houston criminal attorney Mark Bennett has thoughtfully posted a top-ten list of how to deal with people with borderline personality disorder, which can be relevant in this field for all sorts of reasons. I won’t steal the whole list – and every item on it is good advice and seems to come from experience, which make them totally worth reading – but here are five from the middle section that I found particularly relevant:

  1. When you get in a contest of wills with a crazy person, you’ve already lost.
  2. The crazy person doesn’t have as much to lose as you.
  3. Your desired outcome is to get away from the crazy person.
  4. You have no idea what the crazy person’s desired outcome is.
  5. The crazy person sees anything you have done as justification for what she’s about to do.

You can’t fight crazy, you can only walk away from it.

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