No uncontested layups

Dal is in a robbery trial right now. The facts are not on his side. The law is not on his side. The client’s own mother is not on his side.

But there’s no benefit to pleading guilty. Hence, trial.

The prosecutor is irate. During a moment in the trial, he said to Dal, “This case is a slam dunk!” and “We can do this the easy way and the hard way – it’s your choice.”

(To which Dal replied: “Isn’t that always the case?” and then proceeded to explain why he wasn’t going to stipulate to critical pieces of evidence that the prosecutor could not lay a proper foundation.)

The issue isn’t what easiest for the prosecutor. Sure, it’s much easier if the NBA Finals didn’t involve defense. Or if it looks like a slam dunk, the opposing team shouldn’t try to block or foul. But that’s not how it works. Not in the NBA Finals. Not in the World Cup. Heck – not even in the lawyers basketball league I played in a few weeks ago.

And certainly not here.

If the case is a slam dunk, then be happy that you’re going to win so easily. But it doesn’t mean that you have a right to an uncontested basket.

Here’s to Dal playing some tough defense again today as the trial continues.

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