Your typical Thursday afternoon spent with the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court

Even Charlie knew the value of the Golden Ticket.

I’m more like Willy Wonka clumsily committing faux pas after faux pas. I’m smart enough to watch my colleagues straighten up and engage in appropriate deferential talk when we’re at receptions and banquets. However, since the criminal courts have a completely different set of movers and shakers, I have absolutely no idea about the giants in the civil bar I’ve been meeting because I operate in a completely different world.

This week, I think even I figured it out.

The State Bar was overwhelmingly gracious enough to host a reception where we had the pleasure of meeting with the current president of the State Bar, the next President of the State Bar, and even the President after that. Throw in the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the current and future Presidents of the Texas Young Lawyers Association, and a dozen Board of Directors – and you’ve got one heck of a reception.

I’ve heard Chief Justice Jefferson speak a few times. His presentations accurately reflect his upbringing in a military family. His words are precise. Measured. Chosen. He speaks with a clarity and purpose that you rarely hear these days.

He speaks like you would hope that the Chief Justice of a Supreme Court would sound.

Chief Justice Jefferson met with our small group about leadership, mentorship, and service. Like many humble leaders, he suggested that he doesn’t do anything special: he just works hard, sets goals, and works towards accomplishing what he set out to achieve.

I disagree with many of his opinions.

I have concerns about a court where there is no dissenting opinion.

I am troubled by the fact that, even though I am a small business owner, every time an individual squares off against a business in a Supreme Court case, the corporation always wins.

But I respect him. I respect his position. And I respect his place in our democracy.

I just need to use his mantra to work hard, set a goal, and work towards accomplishing a steady pattern of reversing all his decisions.

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