Professional Licensing

If you’re a doctor, lawyer, dentist, social worker, accountant, nurse, teacher, or other professional, you can find yourself in need of a good defense even if you haven’t been charged with a crime.


Some of our clients don’t face criminal charges, but have nonetheless seen their professional licenses threatened because of an ethical complaint or a past violation. When that happens, the best chance you have to protect your career is to request a hearing in front of the licensing organization.


We’ve used the Integrity Approach to provide context and defend against allegations in countless criminal cases, and we’re extremely proud of the success we’ve had in dealing with judges and prosecutors. We’ve also found that the same approach that can convince a prosecutor to look at the whole person and offer a dismissal in a criminal case can get extraordinary results when it comes to ensuring that the professional life you’ve worked so hard to build doesn’t get derailed.


Keep reading to learn how the Integrity Approach has helped preserve the careers of people who’ve never found themselves charged with a crime.

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