Juvenile Offenses

Working with parents and children in the juvenile justice system requires more than simple “lawyering”, and while that fundamentally means ensuring your child's legal rights, our young clients also see the benefit of the Integrity Approach as much as anyone. In juvenile cases, the work our social work team does is crucial because the explicit goal of the juvenile court is rehabilitation: the court looks at all aspects of your child’s life, and so do we.


Our goal is the same as yours: to protect your child’s permanent record and future. We’ve created a full set of tools and an entirely new way to practice juvenile defense in order to make sure that our young clients don’t just get out of trouble, but is in a position to reach his or her potential with all options for the future open. And we’re extremely proud of the results we’ve obtained for our young clients. Nothing is more important than your child’s future, and that means that nothing is more important than your child’s defense.


We've put together a guide to the juvenile justice system, to help you understand more about one of the most frightening times in a parent's life. Keep reading to learn more about why the Integrity Approach is the right one for your child.


Introduction to Juvenile Defense

The Integrity Approach for Juveniles

Your Child's Legal Rights

Common Juvenile Offenses

School-Related Offenses

The Juvenile Court Process: The Arrest
The Juvenile Court Process: Detention Hearings

Diversion Opportunities and Probation Services/Programs

School Disciplinary Hearings

Sealing Records

Emergency Instructions

Juvenile FAQ

Further Reading

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