Gun Charges

Gun charges can happen by complete accident, but that doesn’t change how serious they are, or how severe the penalties can be. Some of our clients have been arrested for forgetting that they had a licensed firearm in their luggage when entering an airport and have found themselves charged with both a state and federal offense. Others have been arrested for conflicts with other people that occurred when they were carrying a weapon. But in either circumstance, we know that there’s more to what happened than what the police report says.


The police report usually suggests that a person who was arrested with a gun was getting ready to use it, and we know that it’s often not the case. We know the difference between possessing a gun and pointing it, and we know how to allow your integrity to shine through, so the judge and the prosecutor understand that it’s not as clear-cut as the police report makes it sound.


We use our dedicated social work and mitigation team to demonstrate who you really are – not the scary person written about in the police report. Whether that involves tracking down witnesses who know what really happened, providing reference letters from people who know the real you, or getting clients who really do need help in anger management classes, we’ve got the experience to make sure that the prosecutor and the judge understand that you’re more than your charges.


Read more to learn about how we’ve helped our clients triumph in some of the most complicated gun cases.

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