Assault Charges

There are two sides to every story, and that’s especially true in an assault case.


When the police are called on an assault charge, they often make a quick decision about who to arrest. They make that decision without the whole story, and sometimes they get it wrong. And, whether that’s what happened in your case or not, the circumstances are always more complicated than what you see in a police report.


With the help of our social work team, we defend assault cases by assembling a mountain of mitigation that shows the person you really are: Everything from reference letters from your friends and family to your school records. It’s easy to demonize someone you’ve only read about in a police report, but we’ve found that when we provide evidence that you’re more than what you’ve been charged with, judges and prosecutors become less interested in punishing the person in the offense report and more interested in working with the one who actually exists.


Keep reading to learn more about how we’ve made sure that our clients have had their side of the story told – and heard.

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