If you can get accused of it, we can defend it.

We don’t specialize in any one particular type of charge. Instead, we specialize in people. The same incident can yield multiple interrelated charges, and before we even tackle what you’ve been charged with, we develop an understanding of who you are and the circumstances that led to your arrest. That way, when it comes time to begin building your defense, we can be sure that we’re defending the person you really are.


Once we have a complete picture of who our client is, we then apply the proven principles behind the Integrity Approach to put together the best possible strengths-based legal defense. We don’t defend DWI charges, or assault charges – we defend you. This approach has allowed us to successfully defend just about every kind of case for people from just about every background.


But don’t just take our word for it. Click on a charge to learn more about the types of cases in which we’ve successfully defended people in the state, juvenile, and federal system.

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