We've been successful in every single one of our cases.

When you approach law differently, you also measure the effectiveness of your craft on a different scale. For us, we define success as getting our clients back to their lives as soon as possible, and equipping them with a set of tools to avoid ever having legal problems again.


To clearly show how our method works, we’ve developed a number of case studies in depth, showing everything but the names and identfying information of our clients. Just select from one of categories to the left, and feel free to download and save any of the documents. We think you’ll find that every case is equally important to us, and as such, receives our full attention.

In addition, even though the legal system will lose interest in you at some point, we won’t. We’re committed to reducing crime and breaking people out of destructive patterns, and we’ve developed a legal approach like no other law firm in order to make this happen.

So we make sure to check in with our clients from time to time to make sure they’re still pursuing a path in life that will lead them towards success and away from any further legal complications. At Sumpter & Gonzalez, we believe in our clients and we’re invested in their success, so we’re always eager to see our clients again. Just not in a courtroom.


Continue reading below to see for yourself how the integrity approach has successfully shed light on who our clients really are, from the police report to the disposition.

Case Studies
Case Study 1
Case Type:
Sex Assault
Case Study 2
Case Type:
Fail to Render Aid
Case Study 3
Case Type:
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