Welcome to the first criminal law firm that doesn't represent criminals.

At Sumpter & Gonzalez, we practice as a team of uniquely skilled lawyers and experienced support staff members rather than as overworked individuals. This approach lets us not only assign your case to a lawyer who specializes in a particular type of law, but it allows that lawyer to ignore other distractions and focus completely on you.


If you look, you’ll find that most criminal defense lawyers are solo practitioners. In addition to defending clients, they’re also the receptionist, the paralegal, the billing department, and more. You can’t possibly get their undivided attention, because they can’t possibly offer it.


Our staffing method allows us to search out and identify the best possible associates, like our team of social workers and psychologists, who can perform mitigation tasks much better than any lawyer can – and at a lower cost.


What this means for you is more individualized attention, services that no other private defense firm in the country offers, and the most cost-effective defense possible. If you’re serious about solving your legal issues, you probably want a good team in your corner.

Front Row (left to right):

Attorney Corinne Sumpter

Attorney David Gonzalez
Attorney Kristin Etter

Back Row (left to right):
Paralegal Grace Avila

Attorney Raman Gill
Office Manager Blake Sparks
Receptionist Carla Finley

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