Corinne Sumpter | Partner

Upon graduating from law school, Corinne Sumpter spent two years at Georgetown University Law Center as a Prettyman Fellow, which saw her represent indigent clients in trial and teach third-year law students herself. As a founding partner of Sumpter & Gonzalez, she continues to serve in both roles – advocate and teacher – while maintaining part-time office hours and raising three children. With her passion for working with young people, Corinne has cultivated a reputation as one of the finest juvenile defense attorneys in Central Texas, and practices exclusively with those clients. She also continues to bring her expertise and experience into all cases that come through the door at Sumpter & Gonzalez as part of the firm's unique, team-based approach. We caught her in a less busy moment to discuss what it was that attracted her to the defense, her love of working with kids, and finding the good in the gray areas.

Sumpter & Gonzalez: Why did you become a lawyer?

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