It's your integrity, we're just borrowing it to use in your defense.

When you're arrested, the police don't ask you if it's your first time being arrested, if you're respected by the people in your community, or if you're a good person leading a normal life.

What they do is accuse you of a crime, try to get you to incriminate yourself, stick everything in a heavily biased report, and shove you in a jail cell with career criminals. The whole idea is to undermine your integrity, dehumanize you, and have you meekly accept whatever punishment they see fit.

At Sumpter & Gonzalez, we refuse to allow you to be treated like a common criminal.

Righting this kind of wrong is the reason we developed the Sumpter & Gonzalez Integrity Approach. You deserve a real chance at justice, and that's not possible if assumptions, biases, and speculation rule the proceedings.

The Integrity Approach starts by assigning one of our experienced social workers to a client's case to act as a mitigation expert, using the skills of the trade to understand the strengths and virtues of our client, comprehend the circumstances that led to the arrest, and make sure who our client really is doesn't get lost amidst the rumors.

Armed with this crucial understanding of our client, the lawyers of Sumpter & Gonzalez use their tools of extensive factual investigation and legal research in order to defend them from a position of real strength. And, while it may be a new approach to the practice of criminal defense, it's already solved the legal issues of hundreds of relieved and appreciative clients.

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